Rencontre avec Sandra Hamdi
Responsable coordination opérationnelle au sein d’AXA Assistance France.


AXA Assistance's teams work every day and around the world to assist our clients. Among the many necessary expertise, operational coordination is strategic in the deployment of missions in the field. Sandra Hamdi, Operational Coordination Manager, talks about this inspiring and particularly rewarding job.    

What are you passionate about every day in your work?

I have been working in this company for almost 20 years and every day I say to myself, "What are we going to accomplish today?" Every day is different. The work is diversified and corresponds to what I was looking for: to be at the heart of the job and to see concretely the repercussions of my actions. 

For example, in the morning I intervene in the setting up of a future medicalization, the afternoon I work on processes for the improvement and optimization of the daily life of each of our customers, while making a visit of our premises to highlight the merits of our services!

One thing is certain, this job is more than just a job. We put a part of us, we invest and it makes us so good! For example, being able to meet our customers, partners and colleagues in the various entities of the AXA Group in order to learn from each other is a wealth that allows us to progress on a daily basis. 

What mission did you feel most and why?

Last year I participated in the development of a video highlighting our ability to handle a crisis situation around the world. It was about filming scenes with one of our French teams from the United States and Asia. As part of this project, I took care of shipping employees, which led me to work with the marketing team, filming, and find the place and the provider who opened us his doors in Bordeaux for filming. It was an opportunity for me to highlight our job, which I like to discover on a daily basis. 

What brings you your work?

The fact of being able to say to me every day "I will be useful". Useful to this client on the other side of the world who needs help, useful to the implementation of all our innovation offers, useful to make the daily life of my colleagues better by improving the coordination between all this small world !
My role as a "control tower" makes my work extremely transversal, humanly enriching and exciting. I am the entry point for any solicitation from other departments and departments. This gives me the opportunity to interact with completely different people. We never get bored !

Why did you choose this job?

I started being seasonal on the plateaus almost 20 years ago. At first, more for a summer job but I quickly took the game and I have not left!
I learned, evolved, discovered aspects of this job that I did not suspect. At each new position, there is this necessary questioning, this need to put oneself in danger but that is what makes you grow.

Pour le poste que j’occupe actuellement, il y avait tout à construire, la page était blanche.
Je suis arrivée en étant la seule « non médicale » de la Direction. Côtoyer des médecins et des infirmiers qui, en dehors d’AXA, font des vacations chez les pompiers, aux Urgences, dans des SMUR, et me dire que mon rôle va être de mettre du liant entre eux et leur apporter de meilleures pratiques a fait que je me suis sentie immédiatement investie !

J’aime cette possibilité de pouvoir agir sur le quotidien des clients grâce à mon travail.  J’ai la chance de pouvoir me déplacer, faire de très belles rencontres et mûrir grâce à ces expériences.

Aujourd’hui, je travaille sur beaucoup de projets innovants qui permettront à nos clients d’avoir recours à nos services pour d’autres aspects que l’assistance-rapatriement.
C’est un enjeu de taille mais tellement excitant !

Que recommanderiez-vous aux personnes qui souhaiteraient exercer ce métier ?

Tout d’abord il faut aimer le contact, le travail en équipe. Seul on y arrive mais à plusieurs on est plus forts ! Je dirais à ceux qui souhaitent nous rejoindre que lorsque l’on met un pied dans le monde passionnant de l’assistance médicale, on ouvre une porte vers les métiers de demain car la Santé est en pleine mutation. Les clients, ne sont plus les mêmes qu’avant : leurs besoins et leurs demandes ont évolué. Nous devons évoluer aussi. Dans ces métiers, l’action est de mise. Il faut savoir s’adapter à la situation, être à l’écoute, réactif, force de proposition car parfois le temps joue contre nous !